BROJO's Core Values

BROJO's emblem, the six-pointed shuriken, is a representation of the 6 Core Values that we base BROJO and our Self-Development Philosophy on.

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  1. Responsibility. Taking ownership over that which you can and should control, which is, almost exclusively, your interpretations of reality, your decisions and your behaviour (in reaction to internal sensations and external events). Your actions are yours to own, and your problems are yours to solve. This does not mean you do everything alone, it means you lead and are resourceful.
  2. Curiosity. To constantly search for a more accurate truth; engage in skeptical critical-thinking to facilitate endless learning and adaptation. There is always a greater truth to find – no answer is final, no opinion is beyond scrutiny, no theory is unable to be further tested. Seek to understand and experience rather than to win or get. This includes defining core values for yourself.
  3. Courage. To willingly experience uncomfortable sensations and events in order to live with integrity. To delay gratification, familiarity and comfort whenever other values call for brave action. Courage is not the absence of fearful sensations, it is the ability to act in spite of their resistance; to do what is right for longer term quality of life, rather than what is easy right now.
  4. Honesty. The most accurate expression, through words or behaviour, of what is subjectively truthful for you in any given moment. Your aim is to give others the best possible opportunity to see who you are without deception, and to live in a way that is best suited to your values. Honesty is devoid of strategy, just expression without conscious prejudice, goals or attempts to influence.
  5. Acceptance. The ability to see all reality as neutral – neither good or bad – and to allow the outer world to react unmolested to your actions. All that matters is what is – fantasies, worries and regrets are merely a distracting entertainment, not a reality. Aim to remove your judgments from reality, to observe without attachment, unless temporary attachments help you live with integrity.
  6. Respect. To let go of that which you cannot or should not control (everything outside of your own behaviour) while measuring the effect the outside world has on you and maintaining boundaries against harmful influences. Live and let live, unless your values are being attacked or you are called to protect others less able.