Reality takes place in one place only: your mind.

Psychology is the functioning of the mind, as determined by your brain, your body, your genetics, your culture and all the other influences you are subject to in your life. How you think, what you believe, how you feel, and ultimately what you do is all determined by psychological processes.

In BROJO, we focus on learning about how the mind works, particularly when it comes to increasing helpful behaviours while reducing unhelpful behaviours. This increase/reduce process will naturally lead to the development of your own unique personal philosophy; a guiding set of principles (which we call "values") that aid you in making more helpful decisions.

BROJO Coach Dan Munro is our resident psychology and philosophy enthusiast, with a Bachelor's degree in psychology, 7 years experience and training in forensic psychology and rehabiliation, and 10 years coaching experience, plus a long-term interest in and study of various philosophies, including Stoicism, Buddhism, Nietzsche, Watts, Plato, and more.