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Self-Development Knowledge Base


Specifically, referring to Self-Responsibility

To take ownership over that which you can and should control, which is almost exclusively your interpretations and behaviour ( in reaction to internal sensations and external events ).

General Principles

  • No matter what influences you, your reactions are to be owned by yourself
  • You are part of a whole, and you must focus on contributing the best you can before you try to influence the contribution of others
  • Blame is irrelevant, illusory, and pointless – responsibility is about trying to make the best of any situation, not about trying to determine whose fault it is
  • As the apex predator, the human race is responsible for the quality of life for all sentient beings on Earth, and must not abuse this power or allow any to suffer if there are alternatives available
  • Our problems are for all of us to solve – no one being is more responsible than any other


  • No matter how limited your options, choose the healthiest available nutrients to put into your body, and choose hunger over absorbing empty calories
  • No-one else can be held to account for what you choose to eat and do – it is your job to do what is best for your body
  • All psychological problems are yours to either solve or accept – use outside influences only when they would be more effective than independence, and never avoid mental pain when it’s necessary for integrity


  • Your work should be chosen within your available range of options to suit both your growth and contribute to the greater whole
  • If your range of options prevents an integral choice, you must first focus on increasing your range of options
  • Your career is your choice – no-one else’s opinions matter unless they clarify and support your integrity


  • The burden of initiation lies with you – rely on no-one else to begin a connection
  • The burden of separation lies with you – rely on no-one else to end a bad-fit connection
  • You are only responsible for supplying a truthful representation of yourself to others – their reaction is their responsibility


  • Technology may be used to support us but cannot be seen as a replacement for human responsibility (e.g. relying on a supplement to lose weight) – seek only to use technology where it will enhance your ability to take responsibility (e.g. to help you focus or be better organised) and let go of controlling outcomes

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