What is BROJO?

BROJO is a community of men & women who are working towards our best selves.

We apply psychology, philosophy, social skills, and practical lifestyle design to overcome our personal challenges, and to pursue our ideal lives.

BROJO offers;

  • An online community, running primarily on Facebook
  • A library of videos, blog articles, and podcasts
  • An online University of courses for learning practical life skills that are not taught in schools.
  • Group coaching in our masterclasses.
  • 1:1 coaching for individuals who want personal support

Why Was BROJO Created?

BROJO's co-founders Dan Munro & Michael Wells first met in 2014, and noticed that a lot of people were struggling with everyday life situations.

They faced a huge range of problems that they were unprepared to deal with...

  • Emotional challenges, like loneliness, anxiety, depression, uncertainty, fear and anger.
  • Social challenges, like learning to make friends, setting boundaries, having healthy confrontations, improving their relationships, finding good relationships, or recovering from a difficult break-up.
  • Career challenges, like finding a job they like, and are good at. Having interviews. Searching for a job. Getting promoted. Starting a personal business.
  • Health challenges, like getting fit, learning good nutrition, or even understanding basic health practices like safe sex.
  • Life challenges, like figuring out what they wanted from life, or what kind of meaningful impact they wanted to have on the world.

These issues were causing far more stress and uncertainty than they needed to, and were paralyzing people, holding them back from a happy life.

Our purpose is to provide real-world solutions to real-world life problems.

For example...

Recently a single dad in our group experienced a conflict with his ex-wife over whether their son would be allowed to play rugby in school. We helped him have a healthy conversation with his son's mom, and even involve his young son in the discussion so they could learn to communicate as a family.

Things worked out great, the son got to pursue his dream of playing rugby with his friends, dad's ecstatic that he helped make that happen, and mom's happy she was consulted, and her opinions were respected and heard.

These are the times of real-world life improvements we help create every day.

BROJO's Mission

Our mission is to build a powerful community, a collection of top-notch coaches, mentors, and experts, and an enviable library of resources with which you can learn and grow to become your best self.

Our focus is primarily on the challenges that modern men face, including depression, relationship, career, dating, and self-worth issues. However BROJO is open to anyone, male or female.

Our approach is to focus on inner psychology, combined with practical wisdom, knowledge and skills. We teach classes, run workshops and webinars, and provide 1:1 coaching for those who are tackling big challenges, or who want to grow quickly.

More about BROJO

BROJO is an international “dojo of brothers” who strive to develop healthy masculinity and unbreakable inner confidence. We combine psychology, philosophy, and practical knowledge in an effort to maximize the potential of every member. 

We focus primarily on Men's issues such as;

  • Self-Confidence
  • Overcoming "Nice Guy Syndrome"- a compulsion to people-please
  • Emotional Mastery, including dealing with anger and depression
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Social Skills, Overcoming Social Anxiety, and Conversation
  • Developing masculinity
  • Career & Entrepreneurship
  • Sex, Better Sex, and Sexual health
  • Facing fears
  • Overcoming difficult times, and moving forward after a life upset

Despite our emphasis on men's issues, anyone is welcome to be part of our community, regardless of gender or sexual orientation- as long as you are authentic, respectful to others, and keen to grow.

Our mission is to help you reach your full potential in life. 

Through BROJO you will meet people who think like you, face challenges similar to yours, and aspire to living with integrity. You'll make friends that you've always dreamed of making, and develop a strong support network of authentic, bold and loving people.

Our team of Coaches and Ambassadors support and guide the group through teaching, 1:1 coaching, social events, and online materials

Check out our classes, our Online University, and social events, and join our fantastic member community where you can learn the skills and the mindset to reach your dreams.  

BROJO Membership is open to all.

About BROJO's Philosophy

BROJO is based on Six Core Values, which are detailed here.

Our philosophy most closely aligns with the philosophy of Stoicism, which emphasizes self-responsibility, courage in the face of fear, and acceptance of the things you cannot control.

For a deeper look into the BROJO philosophy, download your free copy of Lessons: The BROJO Philosophy of Integrity today.

What Makes BROJO Unique?

BROJO is not a "support group" where people come to complain and be empathized with. There are no victims here. We're a problem-solving community. When you bring a problem to our group, you're looking to be challenged in your thinking, and to find practical solutions you can try to resolve your problems.

We've found that this is an essential need, because schools don't teach us how to have healthy relationships, or how to find the job you love, or how to confront your boss- yet people deal with these every day.

This has become more important than ever with lockdowns and the emotional stress and depression that comes with prolonged isolation. Our community keeps these men and women connected and well supported by people who can help.

About BROJO's Approach

BROJO focuses our attention on the five core areas of life-

  1. Inner psychology, self-knowledge, and your identity
  2. Health and fitness, taking care of and respecting yourself
  3. Career and wealth, including entrepreneurship and investment
  4. Relationships, including family, friends, dating and romantic relationships
  5. Mission. Living by your values to the fullest extent, with an eye towards the mark you leave on the world.

Contact us if you have any questions or want to know more.

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