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To choose to perceive reality as neutral - neither good or bad - and to allow the outer world to react unmolested to you, your actions, and your behaviour.

General Principles

  • Resilience, the ability to accept change, and use it for growth.
  • All that matters is what is – fantasies, worries and regrets are merely a distracting entertainment, not a reality
  • Aim to remove your judgments from reality, to see it as the neutral event it really is – observe without attachment unless attachments help you live with integrity
  • Minimalism – acquire only what you need for integrity, don’t supplement pain and gaps in integrity with consumerism
  • Something must die for you to live, and you must eventually die for something else to live


  • Your body can only improve so much per day – allow time for rest and healing
  • You will never be perfect; after responsible eating and exercise you can be grateful for what you currently are
  • Most psychological issues are not problems to be solved, but experiences to be accepted – very little about your mind needs to change, mostly you need to stop fighting normal, natural processes
  • Find the optimal amount of pain for growth and seek to experience it at the optimal frequency


  • You can sell powerfully, but you cannot force someone to buy – both Yes and No are equally worthy of your compassion
  • You are in competition with the rest of the sentient beings – you will often lose when living with integrity, and this is good for your growth so let it happen
  • The impact you can have on the world is limited, so allow your integrity to have whatever limited impact it has
  • It won’t go the way you imagined, nothing ever does unless you’re delusional


  • Nobody is perfect, aim to love real people as they are rather than seeking fantasy people who have never existed
  • Relationships hurt sharply (but less frequently) the deeper they get – continue with any relationship where the level of pain is a reasonable amount to pay for the quality of the connection
  • You will worry that you are not worthy of others’ love, or that you’re worth more than the love they have to give – these are both fantasies, there is no such thing as objective worthiness. If they love you, they love you, that is all that matters
  • How somebody feels about you has almost nothing to do with you at all


  • Use technology to assist the frequency and depth of your acceptance, but do not use it to distract you from pain

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