Minimalism is a philosophy, which focuses on experiences, rather than things.

It's about finding the essential aspects of life, and discarding the distractions.

It's about living intentionally, rather than re-actively.

People who practice Minimalism generally-

  • Have greater wealth, due to less wasted spending.
  • Are happier, due to less clutter and stress.
  • Are more mobile and flexible in their lifestyle, because they have left to shift around.
  • Spend less time looking for things, dealing with frustration around lost, broken, or obsolete things.
  • Know that value is about what something adds to your life- not about intrinsic value.
  • Worry less, because they know what's important, and what's not.

Here we explore Minimalism- how it benefits you, and how it works, and how to apply some of the principles to your life.