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Self-Development Knowledge Base


To always give the best expression of what is subjectively most accurate for you in any given moment.

General Principles

  • The truth may be subjective, but you almost always know if you’re representing yourself truthfully
  • Your aim is to give others the best possible opportunity to see who you are without deception
  • Devoid of strategy of any kind, just expression without conscious prejudice, goals or attempts to influence


  • Actively manage your own diet
  • Engage in physical exertion every day
  • Engage in mental exercises and support activities every day


  • Do what suits your values, or at least something that will bring you closer to that
  • Choose truthful expression and integrity over keeping your job or selling the product – allow truthful expression to naturally polarize and restructure your career


  • Choose integrity over approval, and allow honesty to polarize your social circle
  • No matter how longstanding the relationship, allow honesty to end it at any time
  • Start as you mean to finish – do not use dishonesty as a platform toward honesty
  • Let them see all of you, not just the easily acceptable parts


  • Use technology to enhance your communication skills and more accurately portray your message
  • Do not use technology to mask or misrepresent who you are

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