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To let go of that which you cannot or should not control ( everything outside of your own behaviour ) while reflecting on the effect the outside world has on you and maintaining boundaries against harmful influences.

General Principles

  • Everything else is allowed to exist exactly as it is, it does not require your manipulation
  • You are equally entitled to exist as you are, and the manipulation of others without your permission is intolerable
  • Live and let live, unless your values are violated


  • Measure your body and mind functioning regularly using the latest in accurate tools – do not avoid the truth
  • Your body is your vehicle, to be maintained, serviced and fuelled as required for function
  • Aesthetics or approval are secondary considerations to performance, sustainability of health and prevention of disease
  • You cannot consciously control your thoughts or feelings, but they have much to tell you and some of it is unhelpful when interpreted in certain ways – so focus on managing boundaries with your inner sensations by focusing on increasing the helpfulness your interpretations


  • Allow no-one to use the threat of a paycheck to force you to sacrifice your integrity
  • The universe will test you thoroughly with pain and discomfort to qualify you for your mission – be prepared for this rather than try to avoid it
  • The human world runs on intersubjective fictions, like money and nations and politics, so remain conscious of these systems and work within them but do not lose sight of their fictional nature – use them rather than let them use you


  • Power must be given – the only people who have power over you are the ones you choose to prioritise over self-respect
  • Others will not satisfy your fantasy of a person, so allow them to be imperfect but do not allow their imperfections to harm you or those you care for
  • Stand up for what is right without any attachment to convincing anyone else that it’s right
  • Relationships must be balanced - combining respect for yourself with respect for others


  • Technology is now an inescapable part of the human experience, and the future for humans is likely to be immerse with machines – stay up to date on technology and it’s advances but resist it’s attempt to own you
  • Use machines rather than rely on them – be always prepared to work without them yet while they are available make the best use of them

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