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Self-Development Knowledge Base


To continually search for better knowledge, understanding and wisdom - pursue the best possible application of the most accurate truth.

General Principles

  • There is always a greater truth to find – no answer is final, no opinion is beyond scrutiny, no theory is unable to be further tested
  • Question everything but use answers to move forward – test answers through experimentation rather than further questioning, i.e. try it and see
  • Seek to understand and experience rather than to win or get
  • Always ask “What would make this experience more truthful and meaningful?”


  • Constantly keep yourself up to date on latest nutrition, exercise and psychological studies, while always remaining sceptical and ready to discard that which does not work
  • Seek advice from experts, coaches and trainers rather than laymen


  • Explore your values, talents, strengths, preferences and personality traits and use this information as a guide for exploring career options
  • Constantly ask yourself how you could enhance your working experience to be more satisfying and rewarding – never settle or choose out of fear (e.g. financial insecurity) unless your survival or that of your dependents is objectively going to be harmed
  • Every job is just a learning experience, you have no attachment to it once the learning stops
  • Remain sceptical of all career advice – remember that no-one else is as interested in what’s best for you as you are


  • Seek to learn about the other person and yourself during an interaction, rather than to make them like you
  • Constantly question whether a connection increases or decreases your overall quality of life
  • Know that all people change all the time, so frequently look for this change and factor it into your evaluation of a person – let go of your attachment of who they used to be
  • Use connections to learn more about the world and yourself for as long as they are valuable teachers, rather than trying to keep them as possessions indefinitely


  • Use technology to enhance the speed and efficacy of your learning, but not to replace knowledge
  • You should be able to survive and learn without technology
  • Allow technology to help you find new things and to expand your mind, but turn away from it when it overwhelms you with choice until you are ready for more options

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