Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Everything you ever wanted to know.

What is BROJO about?

BROJO is about living with integrity

We focus on three areas-

  • Confident Mindset - self-confidence, understanding core values, powerful honesty, dealing with fear & anxiety in a helpfulway
  • Social Mastery - relationships, authentic connections, friendships, dating, family, and parenting
  • Authentic Lifestyle - health and fitness, fulfilling career, lifestyle design, and entrepreneurship

And we work on mastering the skills in each area.

Is BROJO only for men?

Everyone is welcome. if you are human, BROJO is for you.

A large portion of BROJO's regular members are male, because we originally focused on men's issues.

You will find other regular female members at BROJO, and the men are good guys, don't be worried.

What does "BROJO" mean?

"BROJO" is a combination of "bro" and "dojo."

Our earliest concept of BROJO was a place where men, in particular, could meet to openly discuss their problems and challenges in life. They would be able to create deep, meaningful friendships, learn life skills together and challenge each other. More importantly, our goal was to create a place where those skills can be practiced, rather than only discussed. We believe true learning comes from doing.

Is BROJO about "pick-up" and dating tactics?

No. We love building relationships, but we are strongly against manipulation and tactics in building relationships. "Pick-up (PUA)" is based solely on getting sex, attention, and validation through manipulation. We are focused on expressing yourself honestly and powerfully, to find the right fit connections for you, personally.

Why would you want to waste time with manipulation, when you can build deeply meaningful connections instead?

We'll show you how.

I'm not in Auckland, are there classes near me?

BROJO was founded in Auckland and our largest group is based there. We do have small groups growing internationally, but they are at the early stages.

For now, we highly recommend you connect into BROJO University, through our Facebook Group, Podcasts, and YouTube channel.

We also do 1:1 coaching online, worldwide by Skype.

What are the course designations in BROJO University?

Each course has a university-style designation such as CM101, that helps us categorize our courses by school and level.

  • CM = Confident Mindset
  • SM = Social Mastery
  • AL = Authentic Lifestyle

The number portion suggests the level of the course. These details may change but our current concept of the progression looks like this-

  • 100 Level - Introductions to core topics and ideas. Generally suitable for all levels, with no pre-requisites.
  • 200 Level - A deeper dive on the 100 level topics.
  • 300 Level - A deeper dive on the 200 level topics.
  • 400 Level - Advanced. These courses are geared for Brojo Ambassadors, and hardcore self-development enthusiasts. Besides Brojo topics, we may go deep on peripheral self-development techniques, such as building a meditation practice, and Wim Hof technique.
  • 500 Level - Coaching track courses, for members who are enroled in the Coach Training program