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What Will I learn?

You'll learn the mindset and skills needed to improve your life, discover your values, and grow effectively in your self-development. See the courses below for the currently available topics.

Social Mastery and Relationships
Everything from meeting new people to developing friendships, relationships and life-partners. We cover in great detail how to create real, genuine connections from scratch, without having to be manipulative or fake. Imagine having people love you just the way you are!

Career Development and Entrepreneurship
Creating a meaningful and successful career is all about mindset, skills and strategies. Our courses will allow you to build a career that aligns with your core values, so that eventually you LOVE going to work and would happily do your work for free.

Confidence and Psychology
Do you know what your core values are? Do you know how to generate courage when it's needed? Have you overcome your insecurities, shame and mental blocks? With our courses you will learn how to become the leader of your own mind, and learn to explore and develop massive self-awareness and mental strategies for a more fulfilling life.

We've got a lot in store!

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BROJO University is available to all BROJO Contributing Members, with memberships starting as low as $19 USD/ month..

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BROJO University Courses

Courses to improve every part of your life.

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Overcoming Social Anxiety


Are you struggling with social anxiety? Humans crave social connection, but we're not taught how to deal with the fears and limiting beliefs we face. This course will help you learn how to tackle social anxiety in a practical way.

Available Now

Nice Guy Recovery Course (Intro)


This course is designed to help Nice Guys and people-pleasers identify their blind-spots and strategise how they can become more confident, assertive, genuine and socially connected.

Available Now

Nice Guy Recovery Course (Intermediate)


This course is designed to transform Nice Guys from passive people pleasers into genuinely confident and authentic social leaders.

Available Now

Overcoming Porn & Masturbation


Available Now

Discover Your Core Values


This course is designed to help you figure out what your core values are, and how you can start living by them.

Available Now

Confrontations & Boundary Setting


A deep practical guide into how to stand up for yourself without unneccessarily harming others or disrespecting yourself.

Available Now

Overcoming Shame


Shame undermines your self confidence and self acceptance by reinforcing your not good enough story. The more comfortable you can be with being open about the things that create shame in your life, the more confident you will become.

Available Now

The 3X Model


The 3X Model is a system of thinking, taking action, and measuring, to build confidence and self-respect.

Available Now

Overcoming Sexual Shame


Learn how to release your sexual masculinity (or femininity) without guilt, shame, awkwardness or dishonesty.

Available Now

Shatter Your Echo Chamber


Challenge your worldview. Learn how to confront and push back the limiting beliefs you were taught, and broaden your perspective on how you can live your life best.

Available Now

Initiating Conversations with Strangers


Social skills are one of the most powerful keys to a successful life. Learn how to build the connections you want.

Available Now

Mastery of Emotions (Beginner)


Stop burying your emotions. Understand and learn to make use of your emotions the way they were intended.

Available Now

Beast Mode


Not for the faint of heart. This is an intensive course on bringing out your full potential.

Available Now

Enhanced Values for Integrity


Learn the fundamental values that drive the 3X Model, support Valued Living, and help you live your life with integrity

Available Now

Introduction to Kingdom Building


Learn simple, practical techniques on how to improve your social world.

Available Now

Valued Living


Learn how to live with integrity by translating your core values into real-life actions

Available Now

The Value of Honesty


This course is designed to help you figure out what your core values are, and how you can start living by them.

Available Now

Introduction to Journaling


Reflection and Journaling are essential processes to your personal development. Learn how they work, why they're important, and how to use these tools effectively.