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Self-Development Knowledge Base


To willingly experience uncomfortable sensations and events in order to live with integrity.

General Principles

  • Fear and anxiety are normal and to be experienced fully rather than avoided. If these sensations do not occur to you regularly, assume you are being cowardly and actively seek them out
  • If it is difficult to do, it must be measured for value regarding personal growth. If it is valuable, then it is courageous to do. If it is not valuable, then your fear is telling you this can be avoided and ignored.
  • Courage is not the absence of fearful sensations, it is the ability to act in spite of their resistance
  • Do what is right for the longer term quality of life, rather than what is easy right now


  • If better nutrition options are uncomfortable, then be uncomfortable
  • If exercising helpfully places you at risk of being embarrassed, then be embarrassed
  • If changing the way your mind works to become more free hurts you, then be hurt


  • Be willing to be fired if it means choosing between your values and your job
  • If everyone agrees with you, you’re probably doing the easy thing rather than the right thing
  • Be willing to create enemies and even disappoint those who love you, in order to support the greater quality of life for yourself and others


  • Choose integrity over approval
  • Confront every time it’s honest to do so, even with long-established connections
  • No relationship is more important than honesty, and no uncomfortable emotion is more important than expressing yourself
  • Use socializing to release shame and connect rather than to gather and collect relationships


  • Use technology to support the reduction of logistical barriers to acting courageously, but not to remove the necessary component: fear

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