Advanced Frame Control

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Frames are psychological perspectives that shape how we see the world. If you can't control them, they will control and restrict you.

In this course, we look at Frame Control - the ability to create your reality simply by managing your perception.

Everything we perceive in our lives is just data - raw information that has no "good" or "bad" attached to it. It just is. But as soon as we perceive it, we also 'frame' it - selecting certain pieces of data to focus on and others to ignore, all the while telling ourselves a story about what is happening and why it's happening.

Sometimes, this process saves us time, but all too often this process is unhelpful.

  • Being stuck in traffic can be "a boring waste of time" or it can be "a chance to catch up on podcasts"...
  • Getting into an argument with your partner can be "a terribly uncomfortable emotional conflict" or it can be "the process by which we connect deeper and build our relationship"...
  • Suddenly going blind from a rare disease can be "very bad luck that ruined my life" or it can be "a new life that focuses more on internal beauty than external distractions"...

All of these realities can be true... Frame Control is about being able to see the options and then being able to choose the most helpful frame available.

Choose your reality - choose your life.

Let's do it...


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