The BROJO Mastery Model

500 Mastery Development

Driven by the Values of Courage, and Honesty

Skills to Practice

  • Full Valued Living
  • Review and polish your previous pyramid levels

In Romantic Relationships

  • Deeper relationship-building
  • Deep honesty
  • Full willingness to lose

Journaling Questions

  • What have I done to benefit the world today?
  • Where can I improve my life?
  • How did I do today living by my values? How can I improve?
  • Have I discovered new Values, or deeper detail & clarity on my Values, that I can put into practice?
  • Have I discovered any old or new shames surfacing?
  • Am I doing anything for the purpose of impressing others? e.g. Nice Guy behaviour.
  • Are my career, relationships, friendships, lifestyle, and hobbies in line with my Values?
  • Where do I have unsatisfied Values that my current lifestyle is not feeding?


You are ready to move to the next level, when you can answer YES to all of these questions.

  • Are my past "failures" & scars beautiful?
  • Do I need anyone else to feel worthy?
  • Do I need anyone else's Approval?
  • Am I happy with who I am & my life?
  • Would I want to be anyone else?

The BROJO Mastery Model

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The BROJO Mastery Model is based on the principles of schematic learning. Each level of skills is progressively based on the underlying skills - crawling, then standing, then walking, then running, and so on.

Key Points

  • Practicing skills and performing tasks at levels higher than you are ready for is 10X more difficult than necessary, is often wasted effort, and can lead to unhelpful failures.  
  • Investing in the lower levels pushes everything above them up, no matter how advanced you are in the pyramid. Invest in those fundamentals as much as you can.
  • The skills, journaling and progression questions shown here are for general self-development. However you can apply the pyramid to any area you want to develop, e.g. health, fitness, romance, social skills, or starting a business.
  • In different areas of your life, you’ll be at different levels of development.  Health, fitness, career, friendships, family, romantic relationships.
  • Like any pyramid, the lower layers are much thicker and more foundational. It will take time to work through those, but do not let that deter you- your progress will be exponential if you build a solid foundation in your personal development practice.