The BROJO Mastery Model

100 Self-Awareness

Driven by Curiosity

The foundation of self-development is Self-Awareness, which means;

  • Learning as much as possible about yourself, and what makes you unique from others. 
  • Identifying year strengths & weaknesses
  • Learning basic psychology - the fundamentals of how your mind works, what emotions are, and what it means to be human.
  • Mastering basic reflection & journaling
  • Connecting with your emotions

Even though it feel like you know yourself well, you'll be amazed how much you have not discovered yet.

Self-Awareness is by far the most practical area of self-development. Every hour your spend in building your Self-Awareness is in hour invested in every level above. Conversely, every gap you have in your Self-Awareness will amplify the problems you face in the higher levels of the pyramid.

You can never overdo your work on Self-Awareness, Revisit this area often no matter how far you progress.

Learning & Skills Development

These are the key practices and skills you can begin working with;

  • Identify your Likes & Dislikes
  • Identify your Strengths & Weaknesses
  • List your Interests
  • Identify areas needing improvement, or that you would like to change
  • Desires, dreams and goals
  • Identify your Core Values
  • Define your Shame grid
  • Your Current Identity (describe how you see yourself)
  • Your Charisma score
  • Practice regular Journaling
  • Determine your MBTI personality profile
  • Begin basic Meditation. We recommend starting with Mindfulness Meditation using
  • Learn some basic psychology
  • Learn about neurotransmitter triggers and levels
  • Learn about the Triune Brain
  • Learn about the Multiple Personalities Theory
  • Learn about Love Languages
  • Consider a Psychopathy test

Let Go Of

  • Ignorance about yourself
  • Fear of feeling your emotions
  • Fear of reflecting on your perceived “failures”
  • The belief that that you know yourself. There are always deeper levels to discover, and you are always changing. Prepare to be surprised, and to work diligently.

Journaling Questions

Every day when you journal, ask yourself these questions...

  • What have I learned about myself today?
  • What emotions did I experience today, and what triggered them?
  • Did my feelings attach to past events I remember?
  • Did I feel good, or bad, about having those emotions?


You are ready to move to the next level, when you can answer YES to all of these questions.

  • Do I know my core values?
  • Do I know where I have shame?
  • Do I know something unique about myself?
  • Am I aware of and can identify my emotions?
  • Do I know what I feel good/bad about in my life?

The BROJO Mastery Model

Click to view the details for a level;

The BROJO Mastery Model is based on the principles of schematic learning. Each level of skills is progressively based on the underlying skills - crawling, then standing, then walking, then running, and so on.

Key Points

  • Practicing skills and performing tasks at levels higher than you are ready for is 10X more difficult than necessary, is often wasted effort, and can lead to unhelpful failures.  
  • Investing in the lower levels pushes everything above them up, no matter how advanced you are in the pyramid. Invest in those fundamentals as much as you can.
  • The skills, journaling and progression questions shown here are for general self-development. However you can apply the pyramid to any area you want to develop, e.g. health, fitness, romance, social skills, or starting a business.
  • In different areas of your life, you’ll be at different levels of development.  Health, fitness, career, friendships, family, romantic relationships.
  • Like any pyramid, the lower layers are much thicker and more foundational. It will take time to work through those, but do not let that deter you- your progress will be exponential if you build a solid foundation in your personal development practice.