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A confrontation should not be confused with a 'conflict', which is the emotional reaction people have to being challenged.

Confrontations are essentially a combination of the values of assertiveness and honesty. You confront someone to assert your boundaries and clearly state your preferences. This is not to control the other person, merely to invite them to respect you.

All easier said than done, of course. BROJO has a number of resources to help you be more assertive and deliver confrontations easily and effectively:

Dealing with difficult people

How to protect yourself from predatory psychopaths

Managing manipulation

How to deal with a toxic person

Managing your emotions

Making it easier to be honest

Why you need to have confrontations

Why you take things personally and how to manage it

Practical confrontation techniques

How to give feedback without creating enemies

How to set boundaries

Getting to the truth during an emotional conversation

How to express yourself when you're feeling confused

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We also have a number of recorded webinars going into specific details on how to express yourself boldly and negotiate terms for yourself. Join the membership community today to access all our advanced content.

We also have the intermediate-level course on Confrontations and Boundary Setting in the BROJO University.

Dan Munro is our resident confrontation management expert. Contact him for more personal support [email protected] or send your questions through to the BROJO coaching team.