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Developed by ancient Greek philosophers, and practiced by Marcus Aurelius, Stoicism is one of the core concepts of BROJO's philosophy. We often refer to BROJO's philosophy as New Stoicism - based on Stoicism, and augmented with modern day understanding of human psychology.

What is Stoicism?


Stoics pursue meaning over happiness.

Stoics develop a habit of looking for moments of awe and transcendence.

Stoics practice "realism" and acceptance of reality the way it is, and building on it from there.

Notes on Stoicism

The Stoics saw opinion (aka judgement) as the source of most misery. It’s what takes objective situations and makes them good, bad, wrong, unfair, essential, deserved or outrageous. It’s also what takes things that have nothing to do with us and makes them problems for us. Not liking what some other person is doing, not believing something outside of our control should be done the way that’s it’s being done, and on and on.
Daily Stoic

4 pillars of meaning

  1. belonging
  2. purpose
  3. storytelling
  4. transcendence

4 virtues

  1. wisdom 
  2. justice
  3. courage
  4. temperance

Temperance is subdivided into...

  1. self-control
  2. discipline    
  3. modesty 

Dichotomy of Control

Separating the things you can control, and things you can't.



On the importance of good Reference

Life lessons, from Seneca.

And why the council of people you respect and admire is essential to your own development.

Without a ruler to do it against, you cannot make the crooked straight.
-- Seneca

Resources and References

Facebook - The Daily Stoic

What Is Mindfulness? (Stoicism VS Buddhism)

The Philosophy Of Stoicism - 5 Key Principles Of Stoicism Explained

‍Negative Visualization - An Ancient Stoic Technique For Creating Happiness

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