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Mark Manson

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Mark Manson—via his wildly popular blog—has been working on correcting our delusional expectations for ourselves and for the world.

Manson has developed himself into a self-development leader, coming from a background of coaching and travelling, he has now focused in on delivering his wisdom and ideas primarily through writing

Manson makes the argument that human beings are flawed and limited. As he writes, “not everybody can be extraordinary—there are winners and losers in society, and some of it is not fair or your fault.” Manson advises us to get to know our limitations and accept them—this, he says, is the real source of empowerment. Once we embrace our fears, faults, and uncertainties—once we stop running from and avoiding, and start confronting painful truths—we can begin to find the courage and confidence we desperately seek.

“In life, we have a limited amount of fucks to give. So you must choose your fucks wisely.” Manson brings a much-needed grab-you-by-the-shoulders-and-look-you-in-the-eyes moment of real-talk, filled with entertaining stories and profane, ruthless humor. This manifesto is a refreshing slap in the face for all of us, so that we can start to lead more contented, grounded lives.

On top of writing, Manson also offers a range of courses on building a better life, ovecoming anxiety, developing relationships and more.


Mark Manson first broke into author fame with his highly popular dating book Models: Attract Women Through Honesty (2017).

Manson then went on to break all kinds of bestseller records with his now legendary masterpiece The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck (2016).

Manson is currently collaborating with actor Will Smith on a new book.

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