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Journaling is the process of reflecting on your thoughts, or a recent action you've attempted, and recording those thoughts. Later you can review those thoughts and learn far more about that situation, your reaction to it, and the perspective shift you've achieved since that time.

  1. Reflect. Ask yourself questions about the experience or thoughts you've just had. The key to make Journaling focused and efficient is to ask yourself the right questions. How do I feel? How can I do succeed better next time? What's missing from my life? How did I do at practicing my Value of Honesty today?
  2. Record. Capture your journaling session, by writing, typing, or recording it as audio or video on your smartphone.
  3. Review. Later, you can review your journal entries and you will get immense value from this. This is usually when the major breakthroughs happen in your thinking. Experiment with 1 week reviews (e.g. listen to all of your audio journals on Sunday). 1 month reviews. Quarterly reviews, and Yearly reviews.

Some Example Journal Questions

Journaling is not the same as keeping a diary.

In a diary, the guiding questions are about capturing memories, e.g. What happened today that was interesting?

In journaling, the questions are intended to be much more focused, deep, and directed towards areas you want to challenge and change.

Some questions might include;

  • Which of my core values did I try to live by today?
  • What did I do that I'm proud of?
  • Which of my behaviours could be improved in the future?
  • Where did I react rationally vs where did I react unhelpfully?
  • What's bothering me the most right now, and what can I do about it?
  • What could I do tomorrow to be more proud of myself?
  • How did other people treat me today? What boundaries need to be set? Who needs be to recognised for their helpful contribution to my life?
  • What am I not admitting to myself?

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