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June 13, 2019


Which Brojo course does this reflection apply to?

Overcoming Shame


What are the main insights you had about yourself in doing this course?

The greater proportion of things I hide and are ashamed of are (so I thought) sexual and will be covered in my next course. However the underlying reasons for shame are not necessarily that straightforward. For example I hide anger towards men as if to protect myself from confrontation. I also conceal attraction due to feeling like I will let women down. This manifests itself sexually but I think it stems from fears in my formative years


What actions did you take and how did you feel during those experiences?

I completed all exercises including the shame grid. I have made some inroads (even before the course) in sharing some of the shames with friends and family. I still feel like I hide the more intense feelings (anger, strong desire) when doing this though. I talk almost in impersonal or analytical terms though my feelings are very strong.


What is the one main thing you want to remember from this course and keep applying to your life?

The use of powerful honesty to challenge or “flip” the things I am ashamed of. I found that “bold, vulnerable and playful” was a helpful way to describe me at my best (e.g. year before breakdown as previously discussed). In fact I learned that even when I have been bold and playful I have been afraid of being vulnerable and lost the confidence and playfulness as a result.


What can you do to ensure that what you learned from this course continues to improve your life?

To work on converting shame into powerful honesty one step at a time. To not feel that vulnerability is a weakness which will be a deal breaker for women.


What was your favourite part of the course?

Completing the shame grid and especially the rewording to powerful honesty.


Which part of the course did you find the most difficult, confusing or unhelpful?

Not applicable.


Overall, how do you rate this course?



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Yes,  but keep me anonymous