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Name withheld

April 22, 2019


Which Brojo course does this reflection apply to?

An intro to honesty


What are the main insights you had about yourself in doing this course?

I tend to hold back the truth rather than say something that is outright wrong. This stems from a fear of confrontations which I need to address


What actions did you take and how did you feel during those experiences?

Told my parents some uncomfortable truths


What is the one main thing you want to remember from this course and keep applying to your life?

Telling the truth builds confidence yourself, and makes life easier in the long term


What can you do to ensure that what you learned from this course continues to improve your life?

Try to express myself even when other people may react negatively to it


What was your favourite part of the course?

Trying to evidence the fear based stories showed that there was no rational reason for me to believe that my fears would come true


Which part of the course did you find the most difficult, confusing or unhelpful?



Overall, how do you rate this course?

  • Excellent


Are you OK with us using your answers as testimonials for our marketing?

  • Yes,  but keep me anonymous