Reviews & Testimonials


I’ve tried these days to be conscious about what happens in different situations, and I’ve seen progress. At one time I was in a store wanting to buy something that costed 70 pounds. In my past I have been feeling that I’m a bad bargainer but this time I told myself like I learned from one of your talks: I just want to see what happens if I ask him to sell it for 60 pounds, no feelings attached… and he agreed! Felt really good.

Another one I had when going through the markets is the feeling that the sellers always try to fish you and it makes me uncomfortable. So before I would struggle with the feeling and sometimes just going away even if I wanted to look in the store. But now I when I get the feeling I go straight even if I don’t want to look and it makes me question why I felt the anxiety in the first place, and now I even feel their anxiety when I’m being “fearless” in my behaviour.

Another thing I started to do was asking what did he do for me in order for me to give him higher status, and it worked right away. Now I even go around in the seeking approval or losing approval situations and tell myself “Why should I even care?” And it’s amazing how well it works.

I just wanted to get it out there and to tell you that you really helped.