Reviews & Testimonials

Emma J

Dan helped me work through so many different barriers, fears, doubts and uncertainties with various issues. [He] helped me dig into my core and made me so much more aware of myself, allowed me to see who I really am, who I want to be and just what I can be capable of. But what I want to thank [him] for the most is the compassion and patience [he's] shown me throughout this intense journey. I'd been following [his] blog posts for quite a while before I first reached out to [him], something about them resonated with me and I felt such an urge to look into it further. Yet at that point the thought of ever actually discussing those topics with someone was so daunting it didn't even feel like it could be a distant possibility. I remember spending what must have been a good 6 months quietly asking [his] opinion and advice on very small things through facebook. I feared [he] would feel I was just using [him] for free help, but I couldn't ignore my drive to want to dig deeper. I still felt no pressure from [him], no frustration of wasted time. It was those moments and the way [he] handled them with such pure caring that gave me the courage to keep following that drive, and eventually to take those next steps, which made everything we've achieved from then on possible.

[Dan] is still the only person who has actually seen me have a panic attack and known what was going on. And I would put myself in that position with you again knowing how much this has all been worth it. I caught up with [a friend] earlier this week, and he asked me what's been the single main thing that has made this [overseas] adventure that I've been craving for 10 years finally possible... The answer was easy; the work that I've done with [Dan]. I'd like to think one day my drive for wanting to travel would have overpowered all the fears and rules holding me back, but it wouldn't have been any time soon, and I wouldn't have been going into it with the freedom for possibilities that I feel now.There's still so much for me to discover about myself, so much more to dig into and learn. I feel like we really only started to scratch the surface of some of my deepest kept beliefs as I became more capable of being open and honest in our sessions. But it's no longer just wishful thinking that one day I might be able to improve myself and my life, it's now an exciting journey that's become my reality.