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Elijah A

July 31, 2019



Elijah aldrich


Which Brojo course does this reflection apply to?



What are the main insights you had about yourself in doing this course?

A better way to explore myself i feel as if with journaling when i write whats easy i am being honest with myself but when i find it hard to talk or write about a topic its my way of keeping me on track about what is truly bothering me/ on my mind


What actions did you take and how did you feel during those experiences?

No action other than journaling and practicing perserverance with a test i had to study for and the gym.


What is the one main thing you want to remember from this course and keep applying to your life?

How to honestly explore myself


What can you do to ensure that what you learned from this course continues to improve your life?

Practice it every day and daIly


What was your favourite part of the course?

The basic journaling rubric


Which part of the course did you find the most difficult, confusing or unhelpful?

Introduce more journaling templates i found it weird the idea of other journaling methods was brought up but had no focus on that particular style.


Overall, how do you rate this course?

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