Reviews & Testimonials

Name withheld

What are the main insights you had about yourself in doing this course?
that i have a lot of patterns and behaviour which i don't reflect on, that i just do automatically, and journaling about those, shines a light on them and made me aware of them.

What actions did you take and how did you feel during those experiences?
by writing things down - especially difficult things- i got a distance to them, and i could analyse them, see if i was living by my values, and even if it was hard to see that, it still helped just putting the thoughts down on paper, gave me a distance to them. and then i could go back and read old notes, and see if anything had changed since. and if not, why?

What is the one main thing you want to remember from this course and keep applying to your life?
keep journaling because it gives me an opportunity to reflect on my current actions and thoughts, and compare to previous onses, which help me keep track on my personal development.

What can you do to ensure that what you learned from this course continues to improve your life?
keep journaling and remember to go back in time and compare how things were earlier - that way i can measure what has improved and wha hasn't

Overall, how do you rate this course?