Reviews & Testimonials

Christian B

September 2, 2018

What are the main insights you had about yourself in doing this course?
I confirmed my Core Values, noticed which ones are the most important ones, and also became aware of those I had neglected the most. The 'envy assignment' was also quite insightful.

What actions did you take and how did you feel during those experiences?
I completed all the exercises that Dan asked me to do which equated to 16 pages of meaningful info and insights. This past weekend I took a huge step in increasing honesty with friends and I've been regularly working on the 'courage' value in terms of facing my fear of public speaking.

What is the one main thing you want to remember from this course and keep applying to your life?
This course allowed me to 'inquire within', meaning I had to go deep into myself and ask myself questions I had never raised before. I will remember how clear I became on what my core values are and which ones require more 'reinforcement' going forward.

What can you do to ensure that what you learned from this course continues to improve your life?
I have decided to regularly ask myself questions raised by Dan such as: What am I going to do today to actively live by these core values a little bit more?

What was your favourite part of the course?
Completing the exercises + the real-life examples provided by Dan.

Overall, how do you rate this course?