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Webinar - The Blueprint for Bravery

Original Question:

WHAT IS BRAVERY - webinar notes:

Value of courage

Acting in a way that increases fear sensations

Fear is basically any form of discomfort - Uncertainty - Distraction - Nervousness - Terror - Confusion - Busyness

Courage is not strength but wisdom

You’re in a negotiation with fear, which uses underhanded sales techniques

Delay is the most common technique - Don’t know enough yet - Inappropriate - Dangerous - Need permission - Can’t be sure of your motives - It’s not fear, it’s some other reasonable reason

Bravery is about acting in spite of this counter-advice

Fear then uses ‘false support’ techniques when it sees you plan to go through with it (or have already started) - Demand more than you’re capable of - Convince you you’ve done enough to earn a break - Undermine the importance of it – it’s not enough

Building courage is about taking the hard road every time it’s available

Small but significant

Assume any resistance is fear and that you can’t trust yourself to judge which battles should be fought until you’ve proven you’ll fight any battle

3 actions to build courage

* Desensitize to your biggest fear - E.g rejection - 1-10 scale - Min. possible action - Slowly move up the scale every week - Mindfulness techniques while doing the action - Get your intentions right – your fear is mostly about attachment to outcomes, set the courage intention

Take the hard road - Choose discomfort - When presented with two ways, take the least comfortable - Once per day - E.g. park example - Cold showers - Dress weird - Upgrades e.g. call instead of text, cycle instead of drive

Always be a beginner - Make sure you do something for the first time every week - Move up to the next levels as soon as you’re 80% ready - Try it before researching how to

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