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Webinar - How to be more attractive without sacrificing your integrity

Original Question:


Fake ways of increasing attractiveness:

- PUA – crossroads: when choosing between sex and integrity, PUAs choose sex (minimum compromise). They often compromise themselves from the beginning.

- Alpha douches – no signs of weakness, all flash and dominance.

- Nice Guys – all compassion and caring, no balls or sexuality.

Radical honesty and loving yourself – this is the obvious way to be attractive. But I talk about this all the time, so let’s look at things I don’t talk about. This webinar is all about what you can do ON TOP OF building values, honesty courage etc

Caveat: doing these things with the intention of being more attractive nullifies them. You must do them for value reasons, but be OK with the added benefit of increased attractiveness.

Communication skills – confident speaking, public speaking, improv, 3X model, experience in socializing

Body language – slow, loud and proud - zouk

Interesting lifestyle – hobbies, travel, busy with interesting shit, adventures, skill building - Creative talent: art, construction

Man skills – basic plumbing, tools, construction – you should be able to change a tire etc

Health, fitness and hygiene – good skin, eat well, fit,strong, athletic, energetic

Leadership – be running something (eg BROJO Ambassador), make decisions socially, initiating

Ambitious passion for career – be doing something with your life, with or without her

Volunteer – make a difference, give freely

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