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Webinar - healthy perspectives on women (part 2)

Original Question:


"Women are manipulative and dishonest"

-      People are manipulative and dishonest

-      Hack documentary - Carole Cadwalladr & Brittany Kaiser showed integrity while Mark Zuckerberg and Alexander Nix were false and deliberately criminal

-      Men more able to use physical domination – we use the most effective tools

-      Who expresses emotion more? Who FEELS emotion more? Both equal in feeling, but women far more expressive emotionally – how is that less honest?

-      Rather: be honest to avoid manipulative people


"Women are more emotional than rational"

-      Feminine is more emotional, but all humans are essentially emotional – masculine just tends to suppress more

-      Emotional isn’t bad – it’s just not easy. If you want easy, be gay

-      Communicate emotionally – let go of content and listen to feelings

-      Talk about experience rather than facts – everybody likes emotional stories more than Uni lectures

-      Rather: Decide if you’re masculine or feminine – seek your counter. If you don’t like emotional women, go to MMA, Spartan training or leadership courses to find a partner


"Disagreement/negative emotions will kill your chances"

-      Being too nice will

-      Emotional range is what connections are built on

-      It can get heated, as long as it never gets personal = you don’t have to agree but you must always be loving and empathetic

-      Rather:seek a woman you can safely disagree with.


"They don’t want to see weakness or negativity"

-      They want real – too positive or cool is fake and sets off their warning alarms

-      You need to be strong where it counts – mostly, standing up to her and for her

-      Being weak is fine as long as it doesn’t endanger her – you can be scared as long as you’re also brave

-      If you’re flawless, you’ll be boring and unrelatable

-      Best gift you can give is for her to be the only one who gets the privilege to see your most vulnerable moments

-      Rather: Discard any girl who wants you to be unreal. Explore deeper with those who let you be you.


"Women don’t want sex as much as men"

-      Straight up wrong – it’s the opposite

-      Most emails I get come from unsatisfied women – I rarely hear men complaining (and when they do it’s them who isn’t initiating)

-      Sex is riskier for women – it is often followed by loss of interest and shame

-      Most guys suck in bed, so women aren’t expecting much of a performance

-      Women need to warm up – foreplay is your best friend, and it starts away from the bedroom

-      Their fantasies will shock you

-      Rather: women need to feel safe to have sex, due to risk of rape,reputation smearing, and heartbreak. Make sure having sex with you is safe,comfortable and enjoyable – i.e. no pressure, no telling your mates, complete openness at all times, playful and fun.



-      Only applies if you’re fake and they’re fake, and you have nothing deeper to offer

-      Science on this is fucking weak, mostly based on lower mammals pecies

-      Stats like women initiating divorce are used, yet stats on cheating favour men

-      Reasons for divorce – none of these are about upgrading materialistically

-      Prevent cheating and break ups by

o  Being honest

o  Being sexual

o  Managing resources responsibly

o  Polarising early – getting deal-breakers out the way

o  Go all in or don’t go at all

o  Learn how to have healthy confrontations

o  Make sure values are proven before commitment

-      Rather: avoid materialistic and superficial women, by focusing on hobbies, purposeful pursuits, sports and other qualifiers as places to meet women

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