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Webinar - Healthy Perspectives on Women (Part 1)

Original Question:

Show Notes

Developing a helpful perspective of women


"All women are the same"

-      Angela Merkel vs Kim Kardashian – the same, really?

-      Rhonda Rousey vs Taylor Swift

-      Venus Williams vs Rihanna

-      Confirmation bias creates Self-fulfilling prophecy

-      Masculine v feminine spectrum and OCEAN Personality traits - many variations of women

-      NEW BELIEF: Assess each individual on value spectrums (e.g. honesty, respect)


"You need a relationship / your worth depends on your ability to get with women /your girl has to be amazing by other people’s standards etc"

-      Hitler, Stalin and Kim Jong Un all had partners

-      Socrates’ wife was a bitch

-      Elton John, Freddy Mercury and NPH are all gay

-      Keanu Reeves, Leo de Vinci and Isaac Newton all single

-      For this belief to be true, you have to care what imaginary people think

-      NEW BELIEF: I’ll remain single until I meet a woman who increases my ability to be valuable (and vice versa)


"You need to be rich, good-looking, tall etc etc"

-      Why aren’t all ugly guys single? Why aren’t all poor guys single?Etc

-      Don’t throw stones in your glass house – if you require hotness you’re just as bad as a materialistic woman – you can have sympathy because you’re the same

-      These things help, but quality women look past these things

-      The key is to surprise her – by being unique… aka authentic

-      Nothing competes with confidence, and there is no advantages in this field – you can easily become the most confident guy in any room

-      NEW BELIEF: avoid women who are superficial by engaging in meaningful activities and finding them there (i.e. stop going to nightclubs)


"Women should just love me the way I am"

-      Typical Nice Guy belief – I’m a catch because I’m good

-      You’ll get what you are – i.e. unhealthy gets unhealthy

-      You need to develop yourself into someone you’d recommend others date before you can expect to attract healthy, confident and sexy women

-      Yes you should be yourself, but that doesn’t mean you deserve a reward for doing nothing with your life

-      NEW BELIEF: They are not here to fix you – that’s your job


"Showing interest will lead to assault allegations"

-      Being honest and direct and respectful keeps you safe

-      Don’t avoid discussions about consent – “You sure you want this?”is fine – if it kills the mood be glad!: you just stopped a tentative yes turning into an assault charge

-      Creepiness comes from hidden intentions

-      Healthy women won’t let this happen

-      NEW BELIEF: Distance yourself from game-play and other warning signs –if she’s playing, move on quickly (and don’t play yourself) – while practicing honesty, encourage  them say No before it’s too late.

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