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100th Podcast Episode! Jon Brooks from HighExistence talks success and confidence

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In the landmark 100th episode of the BROJO Online podcast series, Dan Munro interviews's creative director Jon Brooks on fatherhood, self-development, Pick Up, social anxiety, insecurities and the true recipe of success.


Start: Fatherhood and lessons in productivity

11:00 - What is HighExistence?

19:50 - Jon's clever approach to career development and purpose

23:00 - How Jon made the most of debilitating surgery and setbacks

26:30 - Jon's secret to becoming a massive online influencer

32:30 - The recipe for a great life

39:50 - Developing social skills from patience and endurance

46:10 - Our history with the Pick Up Artist movement

51:20 - Travelling by yourself in Thailand

55:40 - The philosophy of success

1:01:00 - How to Kill your gurus

Check out more on Jon and HEx here:

Jon and Dan's interview for HEx podcast:

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