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[Webinar] Cognitive biases and Fallacies: How You Form Limiting Beliefs

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Recommended: "Thinking fast and slow" by Daniel Kahnemann

Confirmation bias (prove what you know) – I’m stressed because things never go to plan. See! There’s another thing.

Dunning Kruger (the beginner expert) – I saw a John Oliver report on mobile homes and now I know they’re a complete scam.

Fundamental attribution error (self-serving bias) – Bad things only happen to me because I don’t manage my time appropriately.

Availability heuristic (hindsight bias) – I’m having a slow month with business so I must be doing something wrong.

Optimism/pessimism bias (look on the bright/worst side) – I can eat what I want as long as I fast / No matter what I do I’ll eventually put the weight back on.

Sunk cost fallacy (waiting for ROI) – I’ve been learning to speak Czech for 2 years now so I should live in Czech.

In group bias (tribalism)Sam Harris is always right because he’s and atheist and a scientist,like me.



Recommended: YouTube channel "Rationality rules"

Straw man (so you’re saying…) – Jordan Peterson v Cathy Newmann

Bandwagon (but everyone is doing it) – All my mates are getting laid using PUA so it must be the best way to meet girls.

Appeal to authority (my father says…) – Rich Litvin always approaches his clients in person and he makes 7 figures from coaching.

False dichotomy (it’s either A or B) – You are either religious or you’re a scientist. Period.

Hasty generalization (the big leap) – Two girls in a row reacted badly to me being honest therefore I shouldn’t be honest with girls.

Correlation / causation (if A happens before B, then A causes B) – Whenever I eat mayonnaise, I get a sore chest, therefore I must be allergic to mayonnaise.

Anecdotal evidence (well in my experience) – all my clients benefit from living by their values so everyone should do it.

Appeal to emotion (it just feels right) – isn’t it horrible what happened in Christchurch? We should never complain about Islam again.

Burden of proof (prove me wrong) – you can’t prove there isn’t a God.

Arguing from ignorance (I don’t understand so it must bebullshit) – I’m not really sure what GMO’s are but chemicals in food is bad so they must be Monsanto big Ag something something…

The fallacy fallacy (you said something fallacious therefore you’re completely full of shit) – Jordan Peterson made a circular argument about Christian morality therefore he’s not worth listening to at all.

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