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How do I find a relationship that I like?

Original Question:

Got a question about the idea of searching (kinda bad word but cant make up any other atm) for someone with as few mental problems as possible (I think I saw the same idea in NoMoreMrNiceGuy book). I'm 45. And I'm dating women around the same age. And like 75% of those are single mothers with 1-2 children with youngest one around 8-12 yo. And others are the ones who are deep inside really broken by the fact that they are 40+ which means they will never have any children. So how it is possible to find someone whos not having those problems then? And yeah I certainly dont want to fix anyone (or manipulate). (Even not thinking about the idea that when you finally find someone - that someone is gonna be attracted to you lol but thats different story)

Even when you're confident, bold, and skilled at starting relationships, that doesn't mean that it's easy to find the RIGHT relationships for your life. Here we explore one ASKer's questions on finding the right relationships.