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Expressing Attraction

Original Question:

I’m a recovering nice guy. I’m way too nice, and I’ve had limited success with women. They like me as friends sometimes but that’s usually about it. When I AM around a girl I like, even if we’re alone in her apartment, I just talk and talk about friendly, casual stuff. It’s a 100% friendly vibe that I’m giving off, and I never know how to cross over to being sexual with her. It makes me nervous as hell thinking about approaching her that way, and I avoid it. I think I'm afraid she'll think I'm a creep or being inappropriate or something. How do you recommend transitioning from the friendly, talking vibe over to kissing, romance, intimacy and sex?

Nice guys often hold themselves back when expressing attraction, because it feels like a "not nice" thing to do. Is it? Let's have a look, and look specifically at the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and how to overcome them.