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CHALLENGE: Learn to Use AI

AI is changing everything. This year, the emphasis appears to be on generative AI's, which create text, music, and image content, seemingly by magic.

It is not magic, and in fact the underlying technology used in Large Language Models (LLMs) is rather simplistic from the perspective of modern AI scientists.

However it's already more useful than you are probably aware.

The goal of this challenge is to introduce you to some basic AI tools, and to help you wrap your head around how you can use them effectively in your work and your day-to-day life.

Along the way, consider how these tools are likely to redefine the jobs of tomorrow- and how they will transform entire industries unrecognizably by the end of 2023.


The two most accessible and popular AI's today are probably ChatGPT and Midjourney. 

  • ChatGPT is useful for pretty much anything text related. Summarizing content, writing articles, poetry, songs, movie scripts. Translation. Creating ideas. Looking up things in an easily digestable format. 
  • Midjourney is useful for image related work- primarily creating artistic, futuristic or fantastic imagery.


First, set up ChatGPT ( for free ).

Every day, your goal is to try something new with ChatGPT. The magic is simply in wording your text prompt/question effectively. I'll leave the exercises up to you, but here are some ideas for prompts to try;

  • Create a recipe for gluten free pasta, with a spicy, cheesy marinara sauce, that I can cook over a campfire.
  • Now make it dairy-free.
  • Write a TV episode script for "How I met your Mother" in which Barney asks out Taylor Swift and they travel to Mars. Beyonce meets them there, and they all perform together on Phobos.
  • Give me 10 ideas for a great blog post about growing your own herb garden in Vancouver.
  • Write me a 3-day meal plan, vegan, high-protein, 2300 kcal per day.
  • What are 10 of Benjamin Franklin's greatest achievements?
  • Write me a song about asking out the cute girl named Fernanda in my class. Make it to the tune of "Wrecking Ball."
  • Write a letter of recommendation for my employee Mike Mitchell. He's always on time, trustworthy, and there when you need him. Mention his people skills, and his skill as a c# developer. He's been working for me for 6 years.
  • Explain the physics principle of non-locality, at a high school student level.
  • Write me an auction description for my Velo racing bicycle. It's a traveled the length of the US 5 times, and won 3 competitions. $2,500 obo.
  • Rewrite this article- ( paste in anything you've copied )
  • Summarize this article in 300 words- ( paste in any large article you've copied )
  • Write me a poem about working from home during COVID lockdown, in the style of Walt Whitman.
  • Now make it a haiku.
  • Now translate it to Japanese.

In your experiments, play with adjusting the prompts to be more specific. ChatGPT is surprisingly good at inferring context but it can make mistakes if there are multiple ways to interpret your text.

If you work in a knowledge profession such as law, medicine, software, or science, try using ChatGPT in something specific to your field;

  • Write me a legal non-disclosure agreement between two parties named The Juice Company and Bob Smith. It must be valid in New Zealand and Australia.
  • How is family law different in Singapore than in the United States?
  • Explain what a subdural hematoma is.
  • What is proper first-aid for a steam burn?
  • Write me a javascript function to count prime numbers.

NEVER trust the results. They may be surprisingly accurate, but they can also contain gaping holes. Fact check everything, test code thoroughly, and do the math yourself.

LLM's are designed to deliver what's popular, based on the information information it was trained on, and-

Garbage in, garbage out.

Wimp Lo from the cult classic movie Kung Pow will explain why bad training sucks.


Midjourney creates images from a text prompt.

The interface is based on Discord, so you'll need to setup a free Discord account to access Midjourney.

Midjourney also gives you 25 images for free, after that there's a low-cost subscription plan if you want to use it regularly.

Type /imagine and then enter your prompt text to describe your image.

Try different ideas;


  • The horsehead nebula inside of an ornate porcelain tea cup
  • A friendly rabbit wearing a muffin as a hat, anime style
  • A ninja rabbit, who looks like Yoda. Anime style art.
  • The city of Chicago, futuristic, cyberpunk lighting with flying trains.
  • The Earth as seen from space, with the ocean level 300m higher
  • Earth with 3 moons, with the Earth orbiting a red giant
  • A space ship made of tin cans
  • A female stormtrooper on a date with Hans Solo

Midjourney also allows you to supply photos as part of your prompt. They must be online and accessible to Midjourney by URL. To experiment with this, paste the URL into your prompt along with any additional text you want to use to modify it.

  • A photo of you, plus "dressed as a samurai, Edo-era Japanese painting"
  • A photo of the moon, plus "made of blue cheese"


Share your experiments in BROJO's Discord.

Join BROJO's Discord Server here-

And you'll find BROJO's #ai channel on the left side to post in.


  • YouTube has a ton of great AI discussion resources ranging from surface level to deep science. If you're technical and want to see the lastest advances, follow Two Minute Papers.
  • Research specific uses of AI in your industry
  • Sit down with your friends, kids, family, watch some videos on AI advances
  • Explore voice and music AI's such as MURF.AI and Google LM.

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