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3 Techniques for Deeper Connections

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Register for the Conversation Skills for Deep Connections workshop - - register by 30 November for $50 discount and first 5 people to register will be offered an additional 1:1 coaching session with me worth $350

In this webinar I'm going to give you the 3 top techniques I use every day to create deep and meaningful connections with people (without having to resort to manipulation or pretence).

These simple and authentic processes have allowed me to find the woman of my dreams, do the work that I love, and make friends all over the world by just being myself.

1) Reflective Listening - how to listen and respond to someone in a way that leads the conversation deeper and keeps you present, so that people feel special and understood when they talk to you.

2) Showing Interest and Attraction - how to tell someone how you feel about them without being awkward, judgmental or creepy, so that you can create a more intense romantic connection or meaningful friendship.

3) Confident Body Language - how to hold yourself physically and speak in a way that commands attention and respect and makes you feel like you're 10-foot tall and bullet-proof, so that you can counter the effects of anxiety while ensuring you aren't interrupted or ignored.

Each of these points will come with a simple step-by-step practical process you can apply right away to use these in real life.

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