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More about BROJO

BROJO is an international “dojo of brothers” who strive to develop healthy masculinity and unbreakable inner confidence. We combine psychology, philosophy, and practical knowledge in an effort to maximize the potential of every member. 

We focus primarily on Men's issues such as;

  • Self-Confidence
  • Overcoming "Nice Guy Syndrome"- a compulsion to people-please
  • Emotional Mastery, including dealing with anger and depression
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Social Skills, Overcoming Social Anxiety, and Conversation
  • Developing masculinity
  • Career & Entrepreneurship
  • Sex, Better Sex, and Sexual health
  • Facing fears
  • Overcoming difficult times, and moving forward after a life upset

Despite our emphasis on men's issues, anyone is welcome to be part of our community, regardless of gender or sexual orientation- as long as you are authentic, respectful to others, and keen to grow.

Our mission is to help you reach your full potential in life. 


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Overcome people-pleasing and Nice Guy Syndrome
Overcome people-pleasing and Nice Guy Syndrome

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