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Congratulations on joining the Brojo Membership Community!

You are now part of a very unique group of men who choose to create the best life possible for themselves, and who are dedicated to helping each other grow & develop as much as possible.

You now have full access to the following content and features, exclusive to Brojo Members only:

1) Brojo University

We have a range of online courses, delivered via email, designed to give you specific training and advice on how to build your confidence, social skills, and career success.

These are all in video format, delivered daily to your email with actions to take, and extra resources.

Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the course you want to do, enroll, and your coach will authorize your access to it within 24 hours.

>> Check out the Brojo U courses here

2) Monthly Online Webinars

Each month we run a number of webinars, exclusive to Brojo Members, on a range of

specific topics. You will be invited to each of these, and sent the recordings in case you can't make it.

This is a great way to interact with the Brojo Coaches and other members, while receiving our best training, advice and advanced material.

3) Members-Only Facebook Group

Our members needed a private place to share thoughts, experiences, fears and feedback. So we created an exclusive Brojo Members Only group.

You will receive an invitation to join via email, and I recommend you "friend" our coaching team on Facebook as well.

>> Connect with Coach Dan on Facebook ( more about Coach Dan )
>> Connect with Coach Mike on Facebook ( more about Coach Mike )
>> Connect with Coach David on Facebook ( more about Coach David )

4) Your personal coach

Each member is assigned to one of the Brojo Coaches, to make sure you have a personal contact for support. You will receive an email soon from your assigned coach, and you can ask him questions, share ideas, and refer to him for any technical issues.

Your coach may also be available for 1:1 personal coaching, which you would pay for separately.

5) Exclusive content

The Brojo Online Podcast has most of Brojo's free content, however it is limited. We keep the best stuff exclusive to members.

>> Access the Members version of Podcasts here

6) The 3X Confidence and Authenticity Masterclass Program

Valued at $195 USD, this intensive 12-week online program is free to Brojo Members

Click this special link to join:
>> Enroll in the 3X Confidence Masterclass

Thanks once again for joining us. Enjoy the content, community and coaches, and let us know where we can help you grow best!


Coaches Dan, Mike, David, and the entire BROJO community.