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Main topic:

Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy is based on the premise that the human person is motivated by a “will to meaning,” an inner pull to find a meaning in life. 

The following list of tenets represents basic principles of logotherapy:

  1. •Life has meaning under all circumstances, even the most miserable ones.
  2. •Our main motivation for living is our will to find meaning in life.
  3. •We have freedom to find meaning in what we do, and what we experience, or at least in the stand we take when faced with a situation of unchangeable suffering.

Logotherapy is a term derived from “logos,” a Greek word that translates as “meaning,” and therapy, which is defined as treatment of a condition, illness, or maladjustment. Developed by Viktor Frankl, the theory is founded on the belief that human nature is motivated by the search for a life purpose; logotherapy is the pursuit of that meaning for one’s life. Frankl's theories were heavily influenced by his personal experiences of suffering and loss in Nazi concentration camps.

Viktor E Frankl

Author of Man's Search for Meaning, which is a personal testimonial of the Holocaust from the perspective of a survivor.




Theme 1: Success, happiness & pleasure ensue; they should not be pursued.

Theme 2: You are free & responsible in each moment.

Some mistaken views of human nature

Humans always seek pleasure

Humans always seek survival

Humans always seek happiness

Humans always seek power

Humans behaviour is always determined (no free will)

Theme 3: Your primary motivation is meaning, not pleasure or power.

Theme 4: There is Meaning in Creating

Theme 9: Your value is not your Utility


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