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game (dating)

Main topic:

In its classic definition, game is defined as;

A game is a structured form of play, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool. ... Games are sometimes played purely for entertainment, sometimes for achievement or reward as well. ... Key components of games are goals, rules, challenge, and interaction.
- Wikipedia

In the pick-up (PUA) community, game has a meaning specific to dating...

To confidently use your attributes, characteristics, and overall personality to win the affection of the woman you want. ... Game is playing the cards you're dealt and WINNING; turning your positives into swagger (not 'swag') and your negatives into charm. ... An expert of game can pull any woman he wants...
- Urban Dictionary

Game often takes the stance that...

  • There is a winner and a loser in every match. The goal is to win, and overcome the defenses of women to win sex and validation.
  • The interation is not real or meaningful after the game finishes. Do what it takes to win, and then once you've won it doesn't matter anymore... you can show your cards.

BROJO's Viewpoint

In BROJO's view, many versions of "game" are unhelpful to building real, meaningful connections, and to building self-respect and self-worth. There are three key reasons;

  1. Game often depends on manipulative tactics
  2. The mindset behind game leans towards aggression, which is different from assertiveness.
  3. The intention of game is often to win, or to get. Winning at game means getting sex and affection.

We describe a more helpful, non-manipulative as charisma.

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