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The 3X Model

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The 3X model is a core tool we use in our work at BROJO.

The 3X model

It is a simple pattern for authentic living and self-development growth that was designed by Dan Munro and has been thoroughly tested by the BROJO team.

3X focuses on supporting growth in two key areas-

Valued Living. A central concept in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), valued living is all about identifying your core values and actively living by them. 

Social Mastery. The ability to create an abundant and rewarding social life without sacrificing integrity, or trying to be "liked." 

In human connections, 3X encourages deep, authentic communication without shame or fear. 

The model consists of three phases-

  1. Explore. Planning, scheduling, organising. Here is where we come up with the idea.
  2. Engage. Just do it. Engage is where you fully commit to trying something, while being fully accepting of whatever happens.
  3. Release. Stopping work, resting, and letting go. This is where you review, rest, recharge, learn, and heal.

These phases (in order) are motivated by 3 core values.

  1. Curiosity. The desire to know, discover, and learn. The pursuit of possibility and opportunity.
  2. Honesty. A shameless expression of the truth, at this moment.
  3. Respect. Pursuing balance in everything, such as between two people in a conversation or relationship, or between work and rest. The respect phase is where you learn from your efforts, and grow your understanding of how to create the life you want.

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