Escape the dreaded Friendzone

It's not the place you want to be.

Do you feel ignored by the women you are most attracted to? Frustrated and resentful that you can't create the romantic connections you want?

Don't Worry! BROJO is here to help.

Learn how to be shamelessly direct about your sexual attraction for someone, without being creepy.

We'll teach you how.

Such a painful topic for so many Nice Guys.

The problem is short and sweet - Nice Guys are scared to express sexual attraction directly.

“No girl friendzones a guy… that cannot happen. A guy friendzones himself, because he’s unwilling to take a risk.”

Most girls interpret this as the guy genuinely having only a platonic interest.

Some girls can see he’s hiding attraction, but believe that he either isn’t thatinterested, or they are unfortunately the few girls who exploit this situation to use guys for emotional support, comfort and money.

Most girls are raised to believe it’s up to the guy to make the first move and take the risk. When a guy doesn’t do it, they take it personally, assuming the guy doesn’t find them attractive or something to that effect.

Expressing attraction is the biggest sore point for Nice Guy Syndrome dudes, because it brings all their deepest insecurities to the front

  • fear of rejection and abandonment
  • sexual shame
  • emotional repression
  • neediness for independence - fear of commitment

I go into in depth in this podcast episode, with some pointers on what a Nice Guy can do to work through this issue:

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