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Shatter Your Echo Chamber

Author -

Michael Wells

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Echo Chambers describe the effect of "groupthink" on your life and your worldview. 

At a societal level, echo chambers create a sense of harmony, stability, and agreement within a community. Some degree of curiosity and innovation are sacrificed, but at least everyone is mostly facing in the same direction. This helps to create a sense of order.

However at the individual level, echo chambers function as blinders, obscuring and steering you away from ideas that are not fully embraced by your group.

People who grow the most, and have the biggest impact on the world, are the people who completely broke their echo chambers and expanded their worldview. Galileo, Socrates, Einstein, Tesla, Ford, Schwarzeneggar, Elon Musk, Abraham Lincoln, the list goes on.

This is why people who travel extensively tend to come back forever changed. Yes they've seen things. But much more importantly, they've learned things.

Everything you think you know about culture, politics, spirituality, psychology, sex & romance are limited by what you've actually seen.

This course is about helping you to break free of your echo chambers, and see more.

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