Completely Shameless: The Secret to Confidence

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Welcome to Complete Shamelessness

You shouldn't even be considering this course if you haven't already been experimenting with expressing yourself honestly and boldly. This course is not for people who are still too ashamed to pursue integrity.

In this course, we're going to break down the real barrier to you expressing yourself: shame.

We're going to figure out what shame is, how it gets created, and what you can do to release it. We'll be doing this in a practical way, where you'll be asked to show a little more of yourself over time, using vulnerably honest self-expression to build your inner confidence by releasing your shame.

Becoming shameless is a long-term piece of work - probably it will take the rest of your life. This course won't "cure" your shame, it will simply give you the foundational mindset and tools need to become shameless over time.

It's a hard road. It's an uncomfortable journey. But man, it is SO worth it.


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