Overcoming Sexual Shame

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Overcoming Sexual Shame is about letting go of unhelpful and painful beliefs you've been taught about sex and sexuality. Shame is when you attach the concept of 'wrong' to something true about you, so sexual shame is thinking something to do with sex or sexuality is wrong, even when it's true and totally normal.

In this course, we will be looking to unpack the current views you have around sex, attraction, physical bonding, masculinity and femininity, to find out where you may be held back and ashamed.

We will cover:

* Where your shame came from

* How it affects your social life and self-worth

* How to express yourself sexually without shame

* How to express attraction, interest and desire without causing problems

* How to bring flirting, touch and sensuality into your interactions

By the end of this course you'll have a blueprint made of mindset and behaviour patterns that you can use to slowly reduce your sexual shame over time. Change in this area doesn't happen overnight, but with consistent psychological challenging and experimental social practices, you can learn to become sexually shameless and free to express yourself without guilt.

(P.S. If you have not done the pre-requisite courses but you have completed a Shame Grid exercise with either a BROJO Coach or during a BROJO workshop, you can qualify for entry to this course)


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