Nice Guy Recovery Course (Intro)

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This course is designed to introduce Nice Guys and people pleasers into a pathway to become more confident and socially connected.

Nice Guy Syndrome (aka people pleasing) is where you are stuck in a trap of being "nice" because of an unhelpful psychological mindset and behavioural patterns that became a strategy when you were younger to avoid rejection, disapproval and social pain. After many years of using this strategy you lost your sense of healthy masculinity, assertivness, and inner confidence.

No more missing out!

This course will help you achieve these main goals:

  1. Understand Nice Guy Syndrome and people-pleasing so that you can catch yourself doing it and change to more real behaviour.
  2. Identify how this affects you in all areas of life and build your self-awareness to breakthrough unhelpful "I'm not good enough" thought and behavioural patterns.
  3. Clarify which "type" of Nice Guy you are, so you know exactly what specific recovery strategy will work for you best.
  4. Identify thecore principles of Nice Guy recovery, so you can get started on taking actions that improve your confidence and social charisma.
Stop hoping to be liked!

This course is for good guys who feel they are holding back out of fear.

The world needs more nice people, but these people must also be genuine and capable of powerful masculinity as well, or otherwise they just become doormats who don't contribute.

This course is designed by Dan Munro, a former Nice Guy (now in recovery) who is now a world-renowned Confidence Coach, author and Nice Guy Recovery Expert. He spent 25 years being a Nice Guy people-pleaser, and knows exactly how you feel.

If you're ready to experience real confidence - without becoming a jerk or having to fake it - sign up to this FREE course today!

Love and confidence are waiting for you!


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