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Nice Guy Recovery Programme

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Dan Munro

This course is designed to transform Nice Guys from passive people pleasers into genuinely confident and authentic social leaders.

Nice Guy Syndrome (aka people pleasing) is where you are stuck in a trap of being "nice" because you're afraid of confrontation, rejection, and uncomfortable emotions. Without facing these things directly, you lack masculinity, power and integrity.

This beginner level course will aim to help you achieve these main goals:

  1. Build up your ability to assert yourself with respect and handle other people's reactions, so that you can demonstrate self-respect through confrontations.
  2. Create an exciting and fulfilling love life and social circle, by increasing your ability to connect honestly through destroying your fear of rejection.
  3. Help you accept yourself for who you truly are, and stop judging other people in a way that prevents you from connecting with them, by helping you overcome your shame around emotions like anger, sadness, fear and confusion.
  4. Get what you want and let people see who you really are, by showing you how to let go of your expectations and go for what you want directly.

This course is for good guys who feel they are holding back out of fear. The world needs more nice people, but these people must be genuine and capable of powerful masculinity as well, or otherwise they just become doormats who don't contribute.

This course is designed by Dan Munro, a former Nice Guy in recovery who is now a world-renowned Confidence Coach and Nice Guy Recovery Expert. He spent 25 years being a Nice Guy, and knows exactly how you feel.

If you're ready to experience real confidence - without becoming a jerk or having to fake it - sign up to this FREE course today!

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