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Confrontations & Boundary Setting

Author -

Dan Munro

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Reviews of this Course

For over 7 years I was engaged in confrontations with criminals, managers and even ranking politicians on an almost daily basis.

Despite the fact that I had a crippling fear of confrontation for most of my life, I was able to learn how to assert myself, set boundaries and demand respect from thousands of experiences and training in the hands of the top psychologists in the world. This course condenses all that learning into a simple and practical process.

This course is all about learning how to stand up for yourself in an honest, powerful and effective way, so that you can build self-confidence through acts of self-respect. Everything you've ever needed to know about showing how you really feel and preventing people from manipulating you is covered in this simple and practical course.

What are confrontations? We'll look at the difference between healthy confrontations and unhealthy conflicts. We'll also explain how a confrontation does not need to be an emotionally difficult interaction.

What are boundaries? Knowing what you stand for, stand against, and why, is crucial to developing a strong and powerfully confident persona. Boundaries are how you prevent others from negatively affecting your life.

What mistakes have you been making? From avoidance through to tantrums and manipulation, most people do confrontations poorly. We'll highlight the most common mistakes you're making that cause people to react badly or disrespect your attempts to set boundaries.

How to do it "right." This course is both about mindset and practical application. We'll start with the thoughts and beliefs, but by the end of this course you will have a clear step-by-step blueprint for HOW to confront people with courage, assertiveness and compassion.

If you're someone who feels like they bow down to others, or react with too much aggression or other emotional outbursts, this course will change your life.