Advertising & Promoted Content

Promoted Content

BROJO gets a lot of requests for promoted content ( paid placement articles ).

In certain cases where we believe the article has value to our readers, we consider such articles on a case-by-case basis with the following stipulations;

Content & publishing guidelines

  • The content of the article in the company who it is promoting an interest it's promoting must align with BROJO those core values
  • any promoted articles will be identified as such. it is important to us that our audience recognizes the difference between BROJO content and sponsored 3rd party content.
  • Articles will be placed in our regular article flow. On initial publication, it will appear in the featured articles section of the homepage, and then move to the publications pace.
  • Articles will remain on our website for a minimum period of one year. After 12 months have passed, we reserve the right to remove articles if they no longer fits the theme of our website.
  • We have limitations on the amount and frequency of promoted content in our feed. If we have recently published promoted content, we may need to schedule yours out a few weeks later to create a sufficient gap. This will be organized with you.

Article design guidelines;

  • Articles must have a "hero" image representing the article. This should be JPEG format, with dimensions of 1200w x 630h
  • Articles may contain up to 3 images and 1 video in the body of the article content.

Cost: $1,000 USD / article

Includes the content prep & publishing costs for our team.

Link insertions (i.e. link placed on an already existing article) are $300 USD per link, and must meet all the values-related criteria above.

Article Submission

  1. Before writing the article, please submit your idea and an outline of the article content, so that we can confirm whether it will meet our content requirements.
  2. On confirmation, write and submit the completed article, when it is ready, by MS Word document, or shared Google Document.
  3. We review and confirm placement, and a publishing date
  4. You complete the advertising payment
  5. We publish the article

All submissions can be to [email protected]


Advertisements such as banner ads or in-article ads are currently not a feature of the BROJO website.

Let us know if you have something specific in mind.