Coach & Author Bio

Michael Wells

Hi I'm Coach Mike.

I am passionate about helping you live your life to the fullest - to find meaning, challenge your limiting beliefs, work through and beyond your fears and the "not good enough" story.

I am deeply dedicated to learning how to be, and help others to become, the best versions of ourselves - this is the greatest, most fulfilling thing I can spend my time on. 

Dan Munro and I co-founded BROJO to help people live better lives, which involves a blend of psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy- as well as practical social skills, time management, and basic health and fitness.

All of these are an essential part of what makes a happy, fulfilling life.

My life has had quite a few interesting lessons, and you can read more about that below. Since about the age of 20, I generally felt miserable about life. My work, relationships, lifestyle, and even friendships were somehow lacking, and rarely could I say I was truly happy. Even when I had everything I though I needed... a successful business, a beautiful family, a classy home, nothing was "complete" about my world.

It felt like no matter what I achieved, no matter how hard I worked, or for how long, I would never reach a place where life felt good.

"What am I doing wrong?"

My life journey

... has been a mountain range of incredible successes and epic failures.

First, a few of my successes...

  • I've founded and run very successful businesses ranging from technology, to performing arts, to the BROJO worldwide community. Some of my businesses won awards, and experienced incredible financial success.
  • I've consulted for many great businesses, on many fantastic, exciting projects where I got to be part of industry-changing efforts.
  • My life has lead me now to travel and live in many places, including the US, Russia, and New Zealand.
  • I've found love, and had the opportunity to learn, love, and experience many joys in life.

And also...

  • I've watched markets crash, and seen my businesses destroyed as a result, Everything I built, all that sweat & tears... gone.
  • I've lost everything, and had to start over from nothing. Twice.
  • I've experienced the soul-crushing loss relationship that meant everything to me, which I expected to last for my whole life. These left me in a state of shock, and "why am I even living..." state of mind, sometimes for years afterwards.

When I look back on these experiences, I've found it true that life is a journey, and an incredible one at that.

None of the "successes" really lasted, but they were great experiences, with great memories, and I learned a lot.

My "failures" are even more important in this regard- I learned even more, and now, I view those experiences, heart-wrenching breakups, business catastrophies... as among my greatest teachers and most valued experiences in my life.

It's all about learning, growing, and moving forward.

About my coaching

My writing & coaching focuses on the areas where I have struggled the most, learned the most, & grown the most.

These are the areas that I am most passionate in coaching about...

  1. Recovering from broken Relationships. Most relationships don't last, and it turns out that if this happens to you, you'll be totally OK. My life featured several long-term relationships, each of which meant the world to me, and were devastating to me when they ended. I didn't know what the future looked like. I had no hope for falling in love again. I pretty much felt my life was over. Every time I was wrong. It was just the beginning of a new chapter of adventure, better than the last one.
  2. Overcoming Social Anxiety & Introversion. I grew up as the intelligent, introverted kid. The one who found it much easier to do things on my own, than to figure out how to be part of the team. Life was OK, until I discovered girls, and that I had absolutely no idea how to talk to them. Then life totally sucked. It took me a long time to realize that my introversion was not a social death-sentence. It simply meant that I needed to learn how to get out of my head, stop overthinking things, and simply connect. Now my social life, my friends, and my relationships are far more valuable and meaningful to me than any of my businesses or work projects. Connecting with new people is easy, and incredibly rewarding. I feel like I have a new superpower.
  3. Overcoming Overthinking & Perfectionism. I actually thought that these things were good things, until I realised how they were killing my ability to connect with people, and to simply enjoy my life.
  4. Building Your Relationship with Yourself. Perfectionism, and other "stories" in my life lead to a "Not Good Enough" story, where I became extremely self-critical. I felt fat, unattractive, completely unsocial, never successful enough.
  5. Dating & Relationships. Learning how to connect with others deeply - mind, body and spirit, has been one of my greatest joys.
  6. Lifestyle Design. Discovering & Creating the lifestyle you want. For the first time ever, my life is a healthy balance of work, romance, deep & meaningful friendships, fitness and healthy living, adventure & creativity. Every part of me - mind, body, and soul is happy & healthy at the same time. I work for myself, have huge flexibility to do things that I want to during the day, and have an immensely satisfying life. All without stress, anxiety and imbalance that featured in most of my life.
  7. Business Leadership & Entrepreneurship. I've started 32 business now, ranging from technology companies to performing arts groups. All of them have been full of challenges and critical lessons.

I do 1:1 intense personal coaching, throughout New Zealand or online by Skype. If you're interested to know more, you can contact me at right.

Drop me a line anytime if you'd like to chat, I love coaching and am always keen to help.